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About Us

Hi, I'm Stefany (Stef) creator of CBD by Stef. I have always had a keen interest in homemade health care products and have been making my own for many years. A few years ago I decided to make some CBD bath salts for family and friends as presents. They LOVED them and started "ordering" more. Over time I  perfected the recipe and our bath salts have quickly become a household favorite, in many households!!

Like many of you, I suffer from muscle soreness and aches from time to time. I also broke my ankle a few years back and it never healed quite right so I decided to expand the product line and make a muscle salve... and again it was a hit! 

All our products are made with natural ingredients, no artificial colours or fragrances. We do our best to ensure everything is ethically sourced and organic. 

This is truly a passion project for me. I am learning more and more everyday and am always coming up with new healing products. I welcome any and all feedback. 

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