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CBD for post workout muscle recovery

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

You know the day after a hard work out (or in my case after not exercising for a while) you wake up and your muscles ache, this is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). When we stress our muscles in ways they are not used to or more than normal micro-tears in the tissues can occur. The good news is the process of rebuilding the damaged tissue is how additional muscle and strength is gained. No pain no gain, right? Well not entirely right, CBD goes a long way to reducing the pain caused by a DOMS and also helps speed up the recovery.

The tearing of the muscle fibers causes inflammation and where there is inflammation recovery can take longer. As we know CBD is power house when it comes to reducing inflammation in our bodies so by adding CBD to your post work out routine you will cut down the recovery time.

Soaking in an CBD/Epsom salt bath will help to reduce the inflammation and allow these small tears to repair themselves, getting you ready for your next workout. Personally, following a nice long soak I massage some CBD massage oil into the parts of my body that are feeling the most strain and have been waking up feeling stiff, for sure, but I'm able to work out the next day again without pain or damaging my muscles. CBD also aids with sleep and getting a solid nights sleep helps your body recover.

Adding CBD to your post workout routine will help reduce pain, speed up recovery time and help you stay on track with your workout goals.

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